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Why are companies like yours choosing to make Multicultural Leadership Initiatives their Number One Business Priority?

Increased Profitability
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They’re visionaries who know how to capture underserved markets. Staying number one in your industry and/or increasing your market share (that’s your profitability!) is dependent upon your company’s ability to capitalize on the buying power of your Multicultural Customer Base.

Did you know?  The Differently-Abled have over $1 trillion of the purchasing power in the United States.
Does your company have a targeted plan to attract and retain this lucrative and underserved customer base?

Decreased Litigation Costs               
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They’re Preemptive! Top companies save thousands to millions in litigation costs because they take a pro-active approach to diversity rather than waiting for what could happen.  They know they employ wonderful human beings, they also know that human beings have their flaws and will make mistakes.  These leaders recognize that a lot of money is saved by providing a series of Multicultural Leadership Trainings to educate their people.  These leaders stop problems before they start. 

Did you know?
  Recently a small Kansas hospital had to pay $100,000 and fire an important top executive over what he thought was a joke told to a co-worker and what she, the co-worker, thought was sexual harassment.
Does your company have a plan to keep this from happening to you? 

Increased Diverse Employee Base               
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They’re Proactive!  They get the best employees and keep them.  They recruit, retain and promote qualified Women and Minorities by implementing effective Multicultural Mentoring Programs. 
Did you Know?  A Columbia University study found that only 20% of women and ethnic minorities participated in informal mentoring, while another study indicated that 75% of high-performing employees said mentoring played a key role in their career progression, and every top executive we interviewed credited mentors for their success!

Does your company have effective measures in place to ensure that at least 80% of your multicultural employees are not falling through the cracks, but rather, are empowered and operating at their peak performance?