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Training Topics

Allegro Training will produce a customized program for you and we will
produce your desired results.

details  Responsible Communication in a Multicultural Environment:
Diverse Communication Skills for Proactive People

details   Multicultural Leadership Training:
Responsible Management in a Diverse Workforce

details   Cross-Cultural Customer Service:
Attract & Keep Diverse Clientele

details   Balancing Work & Life:
Decreasing Stress & Increasing Productivity

details   Power of Paradigms:
An Executive Approach to Creating New Subcultures Within Your Organization

details   Mentoring Matters:
Leading Your Multi-Cultural Team to Success...One by One!

Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution
details   Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution:
Breaking Through Cultural Walls

details   Solutions for Conflict & Confrontations:
The Basics and Beyond

details   Creative Conflict Resolution:
Advanced Skills for Chronic Conflict, Unusually Difficult People
& Complicated Situations.

details   Conflict Resolution for Women:
Identifying and Resolving Gender-Based Barriers

details   Women & Minority Empowerment

details   Life in Balance:
Replacing Stress with Thought & Humor Management

details   Confidence & Credibility:
Personal and Professional Success for Women

details   Confidence & Credibility for Minorities:
Personal and Professional Success for Minorities

Love, Life & Work
details   License to Love Your Job: Don’t Go to Work Without It!
A highly interactive seminar which is literally a once in a lifetime experience.

details   License to Love: Don’t Live Without It!
Experience your deepest impulse: Love!

details   License to Love: Don’t Have a Relationship Without It!
Allegro’s revolutionary ideas will help you find the love of your life without
waiting a lifetime to find it!

details   License to Love Yourself: Don’t Live Another Moment Without It!
Fall in love with yourself and everything else will follow!

details   Love Yourself and the Love of Your Life Will Follow: Don’t Wait
Another Day For It!

A weekend enrichment retreat for women.