About Allegro Allegro Training and Consulting

Beth Clark
CEO and President

As President and CEO of Allegro, Beth Clark addresses thousands of people
each year delivering dynamic, humorous and thought-provoking speeches,
lectures and training seminars for Fortune 500 companies, universities and
private firms. Whether delivering a keynote, seminar, or consulting,
Beth’s aim is to combine inspiration with knowledge that will create
unprecedented, innovative results -- results that impact the bottom-line,
increase client and employee satisfaction… and decrease turnover. She
combines her University of Kansas degree in Psychology, years of human
development work inside healthcare institutions and her studies in
multiculturalism to provide depth in the understanding of human beings and
what motivates them. She is committed to teaching individuals and
organizations how to retain and promote diverse talent and increase
multicultural market-share.

Gary Clark
VP Business
Development & Training
Gary specializes in diversity training with an emphasis on leadership and
management within a multicultural work environment. With a degree in
Psychology, years in hospitality management have given him real life experiences and keen insights into harnessing the differences between cultures. Gary is a key player in building Allegro’s client base with
internationally-known AT&T, Federal Express and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.He has co-authored countless books and articles,including the nationally acclaimed Success Secrets of CEOs and Diversity Results Beyond Black and White. GaryClark is committed to teaching individuals and organizations how to attract, hire, and retain diverse employees, customers and suppliers while managing the bottom line.

Malla Haridat
Senior Trainer

After a decade in employee development and entrepreneurial training, Ms. Haridat created New Designs, a training and development company with a new and progressive approach to driving people to results. New Designs works with senior executives, sales teams, operational and administrative staff to develop and market systematic research-based training programs engineered to help individuals and organizations innovate, enter new markets, create new products and services, and remove performance
obstacles that limit growth. Her work with some of the industry’s premier companies and her keen awareness of what was missing provided the blueprint for her new designs in performance improvement. A dynamic thinker, strategist, and speaker, Ms. Haridat now travels throughout the United States working with a wide variety of organizations applying her creative talents to the challenges of business transformation. Ms. Haridat’s action-oriented management and training strategies have been used at such distinguished organizations as Columbia University Business School, the Harlem Renaissance Economic Development Corporation, the Grace Institute, and the Microsoft and Black Enterprise Magazine’s Entrepreneurs Conference. In addition to managing New Designs, Malla serves as a senior trainer and consultant for Allegro Training and Consulting. Malla holds a B.A. in Political Science from Columbia University.

Uros Petrovic
Senior Trainer
Uros possesses a breadth of experience from his studies at a number of different universities in Europe (schools in the former Yugoslavia, Germany and the U.K.) and holds a B.S. and B.A. in Sociology (with an emphasis on Organization and Culture), Philosophy and Comparative Literature. Additionally, Mr. Petrovic obtained a law degree from the University of Sarajevo and currently is a Ph.D student in sociology at the University of Kansas. Uros has extensive teaching experience at the university level in organizational effectiveness, diversity, and social and multicultural theory. Uros specializes in giving thought-provoking, highly relevant, transformational presentations to both academic and corporate communities throughout the United States and Europe. As a senior trainer with Allegro, Uros provides dynamic information on operating in a highly global and diverse world. He focuses on the historical, cultural, and socio-legal implications of diversification of employees, customers and suppliers within the U.S. and E.U.

Jason Goodman
Senior Trainer
Jason lives by the motto “To empower people to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through better health, technology, leadership and economic prosperity.” Born to a poor familyin the small rural town of Metropolis, Illinois (known as the Home of Superman), Jason is the fourth of five children. During his life journey he has retired with 20 years of military service from the U.S. Air Force (Active duty,Guard and Reserves). He is an MBA graduate from Webster University and has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Management Information Systems) from Park University. In addition, Jason is a Personal Trainer at Bally Total Fitness as well as an actor, model and singer. After an 18 year career as a computer programmer / analyst and project manager in information technology, Jason is currently living his dream and purpose as a trainer, coach, and motivator.

Claudette Y. Romious
Claudette Romious has over 30 years experience as a workshop leader, facilitator, counselor and skills-based trainer. She also has over 15 years experience as a College Educator. She is the founder and President of The Optimum Group International, Inc. She presently serves as coach, meeting planner, training coordinator and member of Mid South Delta Initiative planning committee with W. K. Kellogg Foundation. Additionally, Claudette serves as a senior trainer for Allegro Training and Consulting. Known for her exceptional ability to work with all levels of employees and managers, Claudette has an outstanding ability to establish rapport and relationships with diverse individual and groups.
Her use of humor can provide participants an opportunity to easily explore issues or subjects that may be considered uncomfortable, helping the organization and person to effectively accomplish their organizational or personal goals. She has provided facilitation, training and consultancy to such clients as W.K. Kellogg Foundation, City of Atlanta; City of Jackson; City of Oakland, City of Boston, The Centers for Prevention and Diseases Control, World Health Organization, Ministry of Health- Kuwait City, Georgia Power, Center for Substance Abuse and Prevention, Georgia State University, Arkansas State University, Emory University, University of Washington and Rabun Gap Private Boarding School. She has trained people from six continents and conducted workshops in Africa, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean Islands and the Middle East. She wrote and edited training programs translated in French for Francophone countries in management, effective interpersonal communications and supervisory skills. She has delivered and designed training programs, which were simultaneously translated in seven languages (French, English, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, French Creole). Claudette is certified in Loss Control Management – Level 1, is certified to administer and interpret the DISC Behavioral Styles. She has written and edited personnel employee handbooks and supervisory manuals for government, private and nonprofit organizations. She has over 15 years experience as executive director of nonprofit, supervisor and manager. She has a Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington.